We provide precise 3D MEASUREMENT SERVICES: analysis of machines geometry, machine alignment, precise levelling & 3D dimensions checking.

25 µm
100 %
+ 1000000
kilometers traveled
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Accuracy, repeatability, precision

“Why doesn’t a WRC rally car stand a chance on an asphalt track against an F1 car?” 🙂

We do not use traditional surveying techniques in our work. We provide services in places where the possibilities of classical geodesy end.

Our mission is to combine the latest 3D measurement technologies used in the industry with our years of engineering experience. We will complete the most complex project for you!

3D measurement services

Geometry Analysis

Geometry Analysis <br> -Machines-
Click to learn more about our Machine Geometry Analysis services

-Production Lines-

Alignment <br>-Production Lines-
Click to learn more about our Production Line Setup services

Perpendicularity, Flatness

Parallelism,<br>Perpendicularity, Flatness
Click to learn more about our Parallelism, Perpendicularity and Flatness measuring services

-Tooling & Fixturing-

Setting <br>-Tooling & Fixturing-
Click to learn more about our instrument and machine setting and positioning services

Leveling & Straightness
-Industrial Machines-

Leveling & Straightness<br>-Industrial Machines-
Click to learn more about our Leveling, Alignment and Straightening services

-3D Dimensions-

Checking <br>-3D Dimensions-
Click to learn more about our 3D Dimension control services

What we measure?

3D geometry and dimensions distances, angles, level, parallelism, position

where we measure?

for industries such as steelworks, foundries, power plants, production, processing

How precise?

hair thickness is ~0.025 mm and we provide measurement services with such accuracy
Region of operation

We provide services throughout Europe

We provide services directly at the customer’s site, and reach the farthest corners of Europe and the World. We travel no matter the distance to wherever the customer needs professional 3D measurement support!

Secondary Services

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering
Click to learn more about our Geometry Reconstruction services for machine parts.

Point Cloud & Mesh

Point Cloud & Mesh
Click to learn more about our Point Cloud Scanning and Polygon Mesh services

3D Data Capture

3D Data Capture
Click to learn more about our 3D Data Capture services

Construction Layout

Construction Layout
Click to learn more about our services of Staking Points for machine foundations.

Volume Calculations

Volume Calculations
Click to learn more about our Volume Calculation services using LIDAR scanning

Trajectory Verification

Trajectory Verification
Click to learn more about our Patch Trajectory Checking for machines, devices and robots.

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