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Leveling, Alignment, Straightness

Take advantage of our precision leveling, alignment and straightness measurement service!
Our company offers comprehensive services in the field of precision measurement of machines, their parts, mating components.

Measuring straightness or alignment requires advanced measurement tools and technical expertise. Precise measurement allows quality control, avoiding assembly errors, optimizing production processes and ensuring the reliability of production machines.

Determining and accurately leveling a structure or machine is crucial for long-term proper operation. The accuracy of determining the reference level with which we set the elements is +/-2 angular seconds (0.0096 mm / 1 meter)

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Machine leveling

  • leveling of body plates of machines and industrial equipment
  • Precise foundation of machines, large-scale structures
  • table settings of hydraulic, crank, hydraulic and other presses
  • Leveling of entire production lines and various production machines
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Machine Alignment

  • Alignment of large shafts (e.g., ship propulsion lines),
  • Alignment of the entire complex sequence of machines,
  • Alignment of rows of large bearings and their foundation in the bodies,
  • Axis alignment of large-scale gears and gears,
  • Production line setups (roll passes, precision loners, etc.).
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Straightness of Elements

  • Straightness of travel of moving machine components and machine axes
  • shape of machine guides and roller tracks
  • axial and solitary settings
  • measurements of linear guides with carriages

Details of Our Services

  • proper functioning of the equipment,
  • correct wear of sliding components, bearings and seals,
  • reduction of stresses and vibrations that may arise during operation
  • mounting stability
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs
  • Premature wear of machine components such as bearings and seals
  • The occurrence of excessive vibration, which leads to damage
  • Damage to the shaft
  • The occurrence of oil leaks
  • Loosening of foundation and coupling bolts
  • Decrease in the efficiency of the device
  • Increase in energy consumption
  • Losses due to equipment downtime in case of failure

Traditional methods of checking straightness depend on the length of the component being measured. Our equipment allows us to set very precise straightness for small systems and for large-scale structures exceeding hundreds of meters in length.

We are able to check dynamically (during the operation of the equipment) the straightness of the passage of production machines such as plotters, plasma burners, lasers, waterjet cutters. Maintaining a correct and rectilinear passage in all directions is crucial to maintaining the correct geometry of manufactured parts.

It is also crucial to check the straightness of machine linear guides. Long guides have a tendency to snake, so it is worth checking the correctness of their setting. Our services will work perfectly wherever we need smooth and precise linear movement.

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Our company has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, and uses the latest technology and advanced measurement tools. We guarantee professionalism, precision and reliability at every stage of the analysis. Contact us today for more information about our alignment, straightness and leveling measurement service. Optimize the functionality and durability of your machines with us!